Here’s where to focus, now

Writer James Clear talks about three alternative directions you’ll need to focus on. 

Each one viable, but at a different stage in your development.

  • For the beginner, execution
  • For the intermediate, strategy
  • For the expert, mindset

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, it means getting started by getting started. 

Yep, no mulling over what feels right, or procrastinating about platforms, websites and programmes.

Just get talking to someone who looks like your next ideal client.

You’re one conversation away from today’s high-ticket sale, and another conversation away from tomorrow’s.

 Strategy and mindset can wait until you’ve had a few days like that. 


PS: It’s Facebook February exclusively in the JHM FB Group, and each day there’s a new Pro-Tip to improve your Facebook game. Here’s yesterday’s.

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