Here’s why they don’t do what you ask

I met an old lady in the street recently, and she asked me the way to the Post Office. 

So I began reciting blindingly accurate directions, using florid hand gestures as appropriate.

As I watched her eyes glaze over, I realised my well-meaning words meant nothing to her, so I changed tack.

“I’m going that way, let me walk you to the door”, I offered good-deedingly.

In the ten minutes it took for us to amble gently round the corner to the Royal Mail depository, I was hit by an analogy.

How often have you lost a “sure-fire” deal when a prospect wanders off and gets lost?

Here’s how to avoid that, utilising the “walking-them-to-the-door” method:

  • If they agree to buy, stay on the line while they find their credit card
  • When a new contact suggests you “must have a coffee sometime”, arrange it there and then in your online calendar
  • Get your scheduling software to send appointment reminder messages one day, fours hours and one hour before
  • If an enrolment call has to be extended, book the next call while you’re still on the first
  • If they say they want to come on your programme in 3 month’s time, take a deposit now to secure their place

Your professionalism will win you sales, and your clients will thank you when they’re benefiting from your glorious talents.

Just like the old lady thanked me as she posted her letter in the right slot.


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