Here’s your magic bullet!

Several people have asked me for a magic bullet recently. The sure fire, ONE golden action that would guarantee their success, and earn them some money before the year’s out.

My first reaction was to hit them with the “no magic bullet” cliché, but then I remembered there is actually one thing that works EVERY time you do it.

I’ll tell you what it is in a bit, but first…

Here’s how to guarantee failure. And it’s even easier than success:

The Complexity Mindset.

Believing you have learn All The Things, buy All The Things and do All The Things.

Complexity is the enemy, a distraction. It’s nothing but procrastination. No human can multi-task. All tasking is sequential, so if you’re shifting in and out of multiple activities, you never achieve flow in any of them.

And you don’t even have to be DOING stuff for it to be a distraction. It just has to be festering in the dismal landfill of your subconscious to be enough of a distraction away from anything useful.

This week alone I’ve instructed (yes, I can be firm) three “stuck” coaches to fire the ONE magic bullet I’m giving you in a moment.

To my knowledge, days later, as a substitute for that ONE thing they should be doing, they’re all still faffing around doing other, unimportant, time-vampire stuff like this…

  • Honing their website
  • Designing a new logo
  • Registering a company (yes, really!)
  • Having a broken hard drive recovered
  • Making a database of their former clients

And to a person, these coaches asked for my advice because they’re currently B.R.O.K.E. As in, on the bones of their asses.

Anyhow, here’s what I told them to do.

“Start ONE conversation before the end of today with someone who looks like your next ideal client.

Invite them on a call to see if you can share anything useful that might help them.

On the call, listen to what they want and make them an offer if appropriate.

Ask for money. Get paid.”

Do that once a day, I said, and you’ll stop being broke.

Yet, none of them have.

Any ideas why that might be?

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