His head wasn’t on straight…

I had a conversation with an ambitious but struggling-financially therapist recently, who told me he was already working with a coach, so didn’t need me.

I can handle rejection. No, really I can.

But I was intrigued, so I asked “what are they coaching you ON?”

“Helping me get my head straight” was the mildly surprising answer.

See, I look at things a bit more pragmatically than most.

The easiest way to get your head straight is to start earning some money from your expertise. 

  • Define your superpower, and learn to write irresistibly about it
  • Work out who you’d really like to work with, right now. That’s your “ideal” client.
  • Create a simple, evergreen programme that speaks to your ideal client’s deepest challenges
  • Have a conversation about it every day with someone who looks like an ideal client
  • Rinse, repeat and optimise the above

I’ve been doing all those things since 2017, and it’s got my head pretty “straight”.

How about you?


PS: Fancy a head-straightening workshop running through all the above with you? It’s happening next Friday, the 30th July and registration will be open soon. Type “workshop” and I’ll send you a freshly-minted VIP link when it’s ready. 

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