How did you get so good?

Ask any master, in any field, and the answer will be the same:

“I practised”.

My first few DBTs sucked, in retrospect.

Now, 849 later (Tomorrow’s is No 850 – yea me!) I love them, and so do enough of you to make the daily effort worthwhile.

Think of your biggest skill-gap right now – tech, sales, marketing, writing – whatever.

Now imagine what it would mean to your life and business, if you were actually good at it. 

As we stub out the butt of 2019, run this thought-exercise:

How good could you be at the end of 2020 if you started learning something now, and kept at it for the whole year?

Rabidly, relentlessly, consistently at it.

I bet you’d be quite wonderful.


PS – THIS is what you need to be learning, I’ll wager. Reply with CAB and I’ll make sure you get an info pack. 

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