How errors multiply…

A life coach last week told me she felt she was doing most things 80% as good as she needed to.

She was “about 80% there”, as she put it.

Copywriting at 80%
Client avatar nailed 80%
Branding and messaging 80%
Product and offer 80%
Showing up and starting conversations 80%
Understanding and using tech 80%
Productivity and time management 80%
Client results 80%

So she has an 80% business, right?


Inefficiency doesn’t add, it multiplies. 

80% x 80% x 80% x 80% x 80% x 80% x 80% x 80% = 17%

Her business is actually 17% effective, which explains why she earned £13k this year.

There’s a £75k business trying to get out, trapped by her mistaken belief that she’s doing everything ok-ish.

Even if those starting numbers aren’t accurate [they probably aren’t], they reveal a universal truth:

You don’t earn a master’s wage doing a rookie’s job. 


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