How far would you go?

I asked in the JHM Group recently how far members had travelled to a business meeting or event.

The answers were surprising, as many people told how they’d flown the Atlantic to get to a seminar, or to Japan for a one-off meeting.

In this era of costless digital intimacy, why do we still transport ourselves halfway round the world like this?

Here’s why live events are worth putting yourself out for:

  • You meet other folks just like you, and can compare notes
  • The buzz and impact is often higher, live
  • Pressing flesh with your heroes is pretty cool
  • The content may be unique to the live forum
  • It’s a chance to get away from the normal grind

Above all though, the reason we go to live events is more simple.

They make us feel good. 

Anticipating, attending and reminiscing about the experience is a warm, memorable process that’s hard to replicate otherwise.

So, don’t miss out this autumn.

Wherever you are in the world, get your butt down to old London Town and meet Steve Blampied and me for real.

Yes, the Inner Circle Live is hitting a swanky Mayfair Hotel on October 5th for ONE DAY only. 

Early Bird Tickets are open for a few more days only. Click HERE and save £50. 

Now that’s worth flying in for.


PS – We already have 2 delegates travelling by plane – one from Washington, DC!

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