How much do you want to earn?

As we mentioned yesterday in Day Two of #ProgrammeWeek in the JHM Group, creating a powerful, impactful programme requires looking at the world through your ideal client’s eyes.

Two parts of your client’s landscape form the basis of how your programme should help them:

  • Whatever’s keeping them awake at night, and
  • What would get them leaping out of bed every morning

In other words, structure your programme as a journey between where they are today, and where they want to get to. 

So far, so simple.

And if the CONTENT of your perfect programme is largely dictated by THEM, the COST of your programme is largely up to you.

Today in the #ProgrammeWeek Day Three Live video, we’ll be talking about how to decide how much to charge for your programme, based on how much you want to earn.

It really is THAT simple.



PS – Here’s the link again to join us at 10AM UK. Don’t miss it. 

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