How to be totally unique

Author Scott Adams coined the concept of “skill stacking” as a way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

This might mean not JUST being a coach or therapist.

It means thinking about what else you could bring to the table for your starving crowd to devour.

There are some great examples of this in our community already:

💥 Life coach Cheryl Wimperis created Life On Pointe to combine her love of ballet with stress reduction techniques
💥 John V Denley uses his Rubik’s-solving skills as a metaphor for mental agility
💥 World traveller Tina Sibley runs coaching retreats in exotic locations where she hikes with her clients
💥 The Kickboxing Queen Jessica Fleischer uses exercise as a metaphor for mental toughness training
💥 Danka Unsu shares her expertise in essential oils to supercharge more traditional hypnotherapy

In all those examples, there are two disciplines or passions which are not unique on their own.

When combined, they become much more distinctive.

What skills could you “stack” to create an irresistible offering all of your own?


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