How to find your ideal client

I asked the JHM Group a question recently:

What’s a sure sign that someone is an ideal client for you?

Some answers:

We click
We vibe
They ask how to pay me
Someone who’s willing to be vulnerable
Human being, ready to change
They put in the work
They take responsibility for their life

All very interesting, but missing the real answer. 

An ideal client is someone you are able to help do something they haven’t been able to figure out for themselves.

So, three steps only to reaching your ideal client:

1. Figure out WHAT it is you do to help
2. Decide WHO would benefit the most from that
3. Work on HOW to frame your irresistible offer to them

Try it, today, and let me know how that goes. 


PS – If you want to work through this stuff LIVE with Steve Blampied and me on the 5th OCT, there are 3 days left to score early-bird tickets.

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