How to make it hard(er) to behave badly

There are numerous things that you just KNOW are bad for you, and your business.

Yet, you still do them.

Here are some hacks I’ve started using to make behaving badly a bit harder:

  • Turn off alerts and close tabs when you’re not actually Working (note the “W” word) on social media
  • Learn to say NO to clients when you don’t want to engage with them
  • Set 90-minute alarms on your phone so you get up and walk away from your big screen, regularly
  • Avoid getting dehydrated by keeping a big water-bottle on your desk
  • Stop polluting the planet and wasting your life on the road by working with clients over Zoom whenever you can
  • Banish long to-do lists to the dustbin of terrible ideas. Instead, write down the ONE thing you want to achieve today, and do it
  • Don’t try and do everything yourself. Work out what you can automate, delegate or eliminate altogether.

What other bad stuff could you STOP doing right now?


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