How to write an eBook in 30 mins

Have you created a simple, free PDF hors d’oeuvre to get your clients drooling, so they beg to pay you for the main course?

If you haven’t, here’s a really easy way to write one before the sun goes down today…

> You know those great engagement posts you do in your community?
> And you know those great responses you get from your raving fans?
> And you know how you revel in the diversity and honesty in those responses?

Well, how about collating those responses into a bulleted list for your eBook content?


Let’s say you asked your Group “How do you unwind when you feel stressed out with work?”

And, you got 30 comments from your community, telling you exactly what they did to unwind from work-related stress, 11 of which were distinct and powerful ideas.

You could title your eBook “11 Easy Ways To Banish Stress From Your Work Forever”

Use the comments you chose as headlines, and write a couple more lines on each.

Make a delicious cover on Canva and PDF the hell out of it.

Good idea, or GREAT idea?

Love you lots,

PS – Thanks to CABer John Freeman who inspired this post with his fabulous idea on our Inner Circle Secret Session yesterday!

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