Hunted, not Hunter


Most coaches would agree that our marketing Holy Grail is to get more of our ideal clients to find us, so we don’t have to find them.

Being chased, rather than chasing, alters the whole dynamic of the prospect/client relationship with you.

  • You have more time to actually coach, instead of marketing (which Jonny Hates, as you may know)
  • You can charge more, as you’re in demand
  • You can choose who you take on, and who you don’t

If all those things are desirable, how attainable are they?

Well, if you really want to attain them, it comes down to your doing ONE key thing that will give you the keys to the kingdom:


The route to becoming a leader and becoming desirable, even irresistible to your ideal clients, is a simple one, if not easy, and it goes like this:

  1. Gain skills, knowledge or abilities that few others have, and which mark you out as different and useful
  2. Demonstrate the effect that those skills and abilities have on others
  3. With this positive social proof, you’ll naturally become more confident
  4. Confident people are attractive to others
  5. With attraction comes your following, and the thrill of being chased

So, one step at a time: what marks you out as different and useful?

Work on that, the rest of the list will fall into place.


PS – Here’s something different and useful: My FB Live interview of the year with the spectacularly smart Helen Pritchard. Learn how to master LinkedIn in 20 minutes a day, literally.

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