I am selectively ignorant

Writer James Clear gabbed my attention when he said:

“Be “selectively ignorant.”
Ignore topics that drain your attention.
Unfollow people that drain your energy.
Abandon projects that drain your time.
Do not keep up with it all.
The more selectively ignorant you become, the more broadly knowledgeable you can be.”

And in your expert coaching or therapy business, this means a ruthless devotion to relevant activities:

🎯 Only connecting with your ideal clients on social media
🎯 Disconnecting from pretty much everyone else
🎯 Learning from people who are already where you want to be
🎯 Discounting the opinions of those less qualified than you
🎯 Dismissing anything which moves you no closer to your goals

Yep, selective ignorance is a success trait, for sure.

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