I object!

Scanning through a sales manual I wrote 20 years ago (I know, I’m old) I came across a section on avoiding objections from a prospect you’re hoping will buy something, and now.

Notice it’s not about overcoming objections, as that’s pretty hard. Avoiding them in the first place is waaay easier, and more fun.

Why Objections Occur, and some Objection Avoidance Techniques (OATs) by a young(er) Jonny Cooper:

  • The client has misunderstood something you have said.

OAT – Check for their understanding whenever you answer a question or make an important statement.

  • You have not acted on the client’s problems and needs.

OAT – Ask for their goals at the start of the meeting, check again during, and confirm at the end. Then work towards solving them.

  • You have misunderstood something the client has said.

OAT – Ask for conformation of important statements the client makes – “just so I understand your needs, what you are saying is….”

  • The client wasn’t expecting you to ask him to buy anything.

OAT – Use a trial close early on in the meeting – “If I can put together something to meet your needs, is there any reason we can’t be getting it set up today?”

  • The client doesn’t like/trust you.

OAT – Build rapport and then ensure that the client is prepared to deal with you – “Are you happy for me to work with you on this?”

  • The client wants to ask someone else’s opinion.

OAT – At the first meeting, ask “Is there anyone else you need to consult before we can get started?

Good, ethical sales techniques are evergreen, aren’t they? I must write a proper book sometime…

Let’s get on with it, 

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