In case you were wondering

Does niching work, Jonny? 
Do I REALLY need a client avatar?

My top two questions from the community, pretty much.

Here’s yet another great story to pile on the unassailable mountain of evidence that yes, niching works.

After a bit of heaving and weaving, Jim Robinson, one of the inspirational coaches on CAB19, settled on professional performers as his Ideal Client Avatar. 

Jim works with all kinds of anxieties, which could suggest a wider niche.

But we picked professional performers.

Within a couple of hours of laying this out in Jim’s Success Plan, he gets a call.

From a BBC executive.

This guy wants to look at Jim’s programme and push it out across all platforms to the TV presenters in the BBC organisation.

Niching works, of course it does.

How tight is yours? 


PS – If you want to be like Jimmy and find your niche, fast, we have 2 places left on the Client Attraction Blueprint starting the 12th November. Reply with CAB and we’ll send you a link to have look. 

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