Is this your missing link?

OK, so you’ve a checklist of achievements:

  • Training in a wonderful coaching or therapy modality
  • Results that speak for themselves when you’re with a client
  • A vision of the kind of people who’d benefit most from your work
  • Great offers, well-priced as true value propositions for your chosen audience
  • Glowing testimonials speaking of your glorious, life-changing accomplishments

But yet – you’re underpaid, overwhelmed and frustrated at how HARD it is to sustain your business. 

Well, I’ve been pondering this very dilemma for over 3 years now, on your behalf.

And, after studying literally millions of words of copy in posts, articles, blogs and emails from coaches and therapists just like you, the diagnosis is clear:

You need to get really, really good at writing.

Not in a classical sense, like Byron, Yeats or E.L. James (jk).

No, you just need to master the basic skills that will persuade us to:

  1. Stop scrolling long enough to even READ your stuff
  2. Spend around 60 seconds consuming your wisdom
  3. Take the specific follow-up action you’d like us to

I could just leave it hanging there, and let you work it out for yourself like building an Ikea kitchen with the instructions missing.

But that’d be meaner than an empty Christmas stocking, so here’s what I’m going to do.

Today at 15.00 UK, I’m launching my Monday Masterclass LIVE in the JHM Group, and it’s all about writing Content That Sells.

If you’re already registered, good.

If you’re not yet, here’s how. 

Either way, see you later, Shakespeare. 

Love you lots

PS: Congrats to Lewis Hamilton, now officially the most successful F1 driver in history. It’s a privilege to be around when you are, champ. 

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