JHM goes to Nashville

It’s a week to our September adventure, as my little family pack ourselves into a 777 and cross the pond to the town where they like both kinds of music.

Country, and Western.  

A few days soaking up the vibes there, and we’re off to LA till the end of the month.

Don’t be alarmed, as the DBTs will arrive in your inbox as usual, and all CAB sessions will continue as normal.

Oh, and the weekly Inner Circle calls will still be…errr weekly.

How’s this level of time and location freedom possible, while still running a business? 

  • Automating everything that’s automatable
  • Delegating most of what isn’t automatable
  • Delivering programmes over video calls
  • Eliminating 1-2-1 in favour of group sessions
  • A driving passion to create enough revenue for adventures

There’s nothing there outside of your abilities, right?

See you in Tennessee next year…


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