Just stop paying these people

Full disclosure: I’m pretty new to this online marketing game.

Sure, 3 decades spent launching and selling my own businesses making over 8-figures in sales counts for something, but 6 years ago I was a rookie to social media, funnels, signature offers and all that clunky shizzle.

2018, I knew I needed to reinvent myself online, so I had a poke around some of the online “influencers” (lol) and didn’t like what I found…

  • Extraordinary results claims – sometimes “guaranteed”!
  • Scarcely believable timeframes – (7 days to killer abs, anyone!?)
  • Noisy, annoying video sales pitches – stop shouting at me!
  • Wealthy marketers shaming you for being broke
  • Obviously fake backstories – (18 months from Nan’s basement to NYC penthouse!?)

…you can add a ton more of your own, right!?

And right there and then, I decided I hated marketing.

But you know the thing I hate most about sleazy, dumb marketing?

That highly polished sales process that sucks you in and forces you to SPEND MONEY.

Stuff that only works if you’re burning cash to get rolling…

🥴 $300/mo on ClickFunnels
🥴 $500/mo on ads
🥴 $500/mo on a junior agency clerk to run your ads
🥴 $5,000 – $10,000 on “coaching” to put the whole damn thing together

And the really bad news?

It’s probably not gonna work anyway.

REASON: They’re $$$ ahead of you.

And tactics that work when you’re in the X,000,000 club are irrelevant and useless when you’re just starting out.

Of course, those mega-marketers are still following the basic PRINCIPLES of client attraction.

They’re just needlessly and ruthlessly complicating it to keep you hooked in.

SO HERE’S THE NEWS: Ditch The Gurus

Learn the principles of client attraction. What I call The Three Pillars of Effortless Marketing.

I’ve laid them out on a simple cheat-sheet, and you can grab it FREE here, with my compliments.

Take a look and maybe you ain’t never gonna need no guru.*


PS – *Before you mention it, that’s a triple negative, which makes it a positive, right?

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