Lazy Way To Work

I’m lazy. There, I’ve said it.

I hate using 400 words when 132 will do (count up this post).

I also hate marketing, the hard way anyway.

So when I’m working with a client or customer, I look for the shortest, easiest route to the next one.

And this is it:

Intelligent referrals.

Here are some examples:

You’re a  massage therapist. Ask your client, who’s the one person you know who’s always in pain from sport?

You’re a financial adviser. Ask your client, who’s the wealthiest person you know?

You’re a mind coach. Ask your client, who’s the wealthiest, most screwed-up person you know? (Then smile…)

FYI – We’re running that last approach with a mind coach who’s getting wonderful traction with it right now.

What’s your lazy, intelligent referral question?

Love and Respect,

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