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9 School Habits Your Business Should Adopt

1: Curriculum – Your written business plan, containing specific, measurable and time-sensitive goals.

2: Timetable – The only way a school or business can function is by scheduling and organising days, weeks and months into manageable chunks of productivity.

3: Exams – Test your business progress regularly against your goals. Did you sell enough? Did you meet cash-flow and profitability projections? Equally, are there literally courses you or your team should be taking to improve your knowledge?

4: Terms – Punctuate your business year into easily measurable units. There is nothing like an end-of month target to keep your sales mojo fired up.

5: Awards – Recognise personal as well as personnel achievements. Bonuses, promotion and team-building events can reap far more than they cost.

6: Hierarchy – Appointing managers with the right combination of experience, knowledge, wisdom and gravitas will ensure a happy and productive classroom. Sorry, workforce.

7: Playtime – No-one functions effectively after more than an hour sitting at a computer screen. Take a 5-minute break walking, talking, or meditating.

8: Eat! – Lunch is not for wimps; it’s essential. Your afternoons will be only half as useful as your mornings if you’re hungry.

9: Learn and teach – Nobody knows everything, or nothing. Freely offer your knowledge to others, and listen to them in return.

Author: Jonny | Learn Recurring Revenue Tricks!

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