Life On The Edge

I’ve always been willing to roll the dice and shake things up:

🎲 Increasing adrenaline from faster and faster racecars
🎲 Playing music at the edge of my ability to huge crowds
🎲 3 marriage break-ups, knowing the downsides they bring
🎲 Selling a business and trusting the buyers to pay me (they didn’t)
🎲 Pulling the plug and going personally bankrupt to reset my finances

Looking back now, I realise the ONE thing that kept me going and kept me alive:

I detached myself from the outcome.

I never feared the worst, because I knew I’d be alright, no matter what.

And that gave me permission to make big decisions – and some little ones – without too much procrastination.

That’s why it pains me to see so many coaches and therapists playing the “what if?” game today.


🥺 This client says no to me?
🥺 Nobody responds to my message?
🥺 Somebody gets offended by my post?
🥺 I’m not good enough and I get found out?
🥺 My idea doesn’t work and I have to start again?

I’m not saying any of those things never happen.

Some definitely will.

But there’s only one “What-If” I can answer for you today with any degree of accuracy:

“What If I Do Nothing?”

Simple. You’ll stay exactly where you are, forever.

You don’t have to live life on the edge of frivolous disaster.

You just have to stop worrying what might happen when you do stuff.

Trust the process, take determined action, and enjoy the ride.

It’ll all work out, I promise.

Love you lots

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