More Clients. Less Effort.

Are you struggling with what to say to attract clients?

Feel like you have to make up new stuff every time you sit at the keyboard?

Wondering if your post will get any engagement (aka interest)?

Well, here’s a simple hack that works every time:

1: Take a sheet of paper, oriented portrait, and draw a vertical line down the middle, to make two columns
2: Head the left-hand column “Things my ideal client wants more of”
3: Head the right-hand column (you guessed it) “Things my ideal client wants less of”

Then populate the columns with two lists of one-word answers.

LH might be stuff like money, happiness, time, freedom, sex (!) etc
RH could be hassle, complication, stress, overwhelm, criticism etc

Every day, use words from each column to make headlines, post ideas, emails…heck, even your programme could 100% be based on these two lists.

BTW – do you like my headline? 😂

Love you lots

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