More Important Than Success?

According to author James Clear, you’ll learn more from the process of pursuing excellence than from actually achieving it.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to step onto the stage with your unfinished symphony whenever you can. In fact, as Clear says:

What if the willingness to try something new, even if it felt uncomfortable, was all that it took to start the slow march towards greatness?

  • Are you curious enough to get in the gym and try it, even if you’ll look stupid?
  • Are you willing to be vulnerable and put your skin in the game to start your own business?
  • Are you eager enough to improve your work that you’ll battle through the frustration of producing something mediocre?

It all boils down to this: Whether you’ll end up being the best or the worst, are you willing to start?

Mastering the “art of starting” is critical to the pursuit of a healthy and fulfilled life.

I know from my experience that striving for a strong relationship, valuable work, and a high standard of fitness may well necessitate starting over and over again, as I have.

Getting the hang of getting started is a really great indicator that you’ll succeed, sooner or later.


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