My big, fat disaster

You might have heard that I built an 8-figure business in the early noughties, before selling it to the wrong people and losing everything.

Fancy possessions

By 2007, I was bankrupt, and it took away more than my financial wealth.

I started to believe I didn’t deserve to be successful, and that I never would be again.

I wallowed around like that for almost 8 years, until I met some of the RIGHT people, stopped hanging out with the WRONG people (there are such things) and decided to get my shit back together.

And that’s often all it takes, I’ve noticed.

  • Meeting and collaborating with people who share your goals
  • Learning the right strategy to leverage your already-learnt skills
  • Replacing a doom mindset with a growth mindset

Now my recovery stage is complete, and I know anything’s possible.

Stage 2: scaling to seven figures in the next 12 months, so I can serve more coaches and therapists more deeply and completely than ever before.

Because we both deserve it.

Love you lots

PS: Big plans this month include a new offering that will get you launched in your business and earning money, at an irresistibly low price. Watch this space.

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