My final email

Imagine if that was true!

Imagine if I told you I wasn’t going to write any more Daily Brain Tattoos!

You’d be more upset than a lion discovering he had an allergy to gazelle.

Well, don’t worry, because I have no plans to stop these little daily nuggets from reaching your inbox 6 days a week.


The reason I hit you with that horrific scenario is that I’ve heard similar crazy ideas from coaches and therapists round the community these last few days.

You know the kind of thing –

  • The Giving Up Too Soon scenario
  • The Let’s Launch This Different Thing Instead gambit
  • The Wait Till I’ve Got Through My Workload excuse
  • The I Don’t Like Facebook So I’m Not Going To Use It recipe
  • Or that fabled, toxic business-killer – the Try And Do Two Things At Once strategy

Back to reality, and the DBTs.

And not just these emails, because everything we create for you in JHM is:


So, have a good idea, stick at it, and the world will learn to love you.

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