Nothing personal…

I’ve been rifling again through one of my favourite books, Don Miguel Ruiz’s seminal work called The Four Agreements. 

In one section he talks about the selfishness of taking things personally.

If a stranger on social media calls you stupid, how do they know?

Well, they don’t, so that statement is all about them, and nothing about you.

Assuming people know enough about you to accurately sum you up in an insult is an act of ego on your part, as well as clearly false.

As Ruiz says:

Nothing people do is because of you. It’s because of themselves.

Everyone lives in their own dream, in their own mind, completely different to the world you live in.

Once you realise this, it gives you permission, without fear, to:

  • Say what you believe to be true
  • Be edgy, controversial and interesting
  • Promote your offers whenever you want
  • Tell stories about your life and your worldview
  • Do live video streams, talking about what matters to you

And you’ll know that the people who get you are the ones whose opinions matter.

The others, not so much. 

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