Play the 1%!

Success is the aggregation of small gains

There’s a mural on the wall of my gym which says:

“Success is the sum of many small actions, repeated daily”

In the fitness arena, that means a bunch of reps in a bunch of sets in a bunch of routines.

Applied to business and self-development, Robin Sharma says it best:

“Your days are your life in miniature”

You might remember Dave Brailsford as the guy who transformed British cycling. He came in recognising that nobody, no team, could suddenly leapfrog the competition and win everything overnight.

Instead he looked for “the aggregation of marginal gains.” His belief was that if he improved every area related to cycling by just 1 percent, then those small gains would add up to remarkable results.

So, he optimised the nutrition of riders, their weekly training program, the ergonomics of the bike seat, and the weight of the tires. Then he searched for the pillow that offered the best sleep, the most effective type of massage gel, and he taught riders the best way to wash their hands to avoid infection.

He looked for 1 percent improvements everywhere.

Result: Two straight Tour de France victories and 70% of the cycling gold medals at London 2012!

What all this means to you is that grandiose goals are great – and necessary – but it’s the single, granular improvements that will inch you towards them.

If you can be even 1% better today than you were yesterday, it’ll add up to something amazing.

Author: Jonny | More Than 1% here!

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