Productivity’s best friend

Do you work in an unfriendly workspace?

I mean unfriendly to calm, focus and getting-stuff-done?

I’ve always had a pathological aversion to clutter and hoarding, but I recently went full-on minimalist.

Since I moved my office around, painted the walls (thanks Tanya Cooper), laid new carpet and embraced some simple Feng Shui principles (thanks Tandy Pryor), my productivity has soared.

And day after day, I get to peek inside YOUR workspaces, as we jump on Zoom calls together and shoot the breeze.

And I have to say, there are some messy buggers out there.

Not you, of course. Unless you’re a messy bugger, then maybe you then.

Here’s the thing:

How you do one thing is how you do everything™

HYDOTIHYDE for short.

And here’s another thing:

Tidy desk, tidy mind™

TDTM for short.

Your clients have an instinct for HYDOTIHYDE, even if they don’t tell you in so many words.

And nobody wants to work with someone who’s prepared to live in a shambles.

Maybe it’s time to clear out, smarten up and earn more money.

Love you lots

PS: Shoot us a pic of your office if you’re proud of it, and this post doesn’t apply to you.

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