The REAL reason you’re not earning enough

I recorded a great interview with my pal Jason Kanigan, about why you’re probably not earning what you’re worth, and what to do about it.

In a fabulous 33 minutes of powerful, actionable insights, Jason and I discuss how:

  • A thing called your “Money Tolerance” is an internal limiting belief, influencing how much you ask, and how much you get, from your clients
  • There’s a simple way to calculate what you need to earn, and remove the roadblocks to earning it
  • It’s never about cost, and always about value
  • You can simply train your brain to adopt an abundance mindset and turn around your fortunes overnight
  • Your clients are probably willing to pay more than you ask, without you offering anything different
  • You are not an interchangeable part, so stop looking at what your competitors charge
  • You can use your reticular activating system to open you to your ideal clients, wherever they are

Plus, laughs from us and live comments from viewers.

This video will set you on your way to doubling your revenue, and I could charge way more than ZERO for you to watch it, but I’m not going to.

I want YOU to learn how to charge more.


PS – Now the Simple Summer Sales Challenge is over, check this out to keep up the momentum.

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