[REVEALED] How to hypnotise your readers

Some words are just, well, more powerful than others.

If you want to grab our avid attention, here are some inspiring ideas to lift your lugubrious language and get you smoking hot results:

  • A situation isn’t just funny. It’s hilarious, hysterical or ridiculous
  • An opportunity isn’t just big. It’s gigantic, titanic or gargantuan
  • People aren’t just nice (yuk). They’re gorgeous, fabulous or stunning
  • Your programme isn’t just good. It’s amazing, fantastic or irresistible (one of my favourites!)
  • You don’t just have an eBook. You have a blueprint, a template or a cheat-sheet
  • Your results aren’t just big. They’re transformational, life-changing and mind-blowing!

Play around with emotional etymology.

Your clients will find it rapaciously riveting, and will shower you with accolades.

Soon, you’ll be recumbent on a glorious goldmine of perpetual prosperity.  


PS – Here’s my plan to get your content noticed, forever! 

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