Rich people never do this

There are many things wealthy people don’t do so much.

Wasting time
Saying yes to everything

etc etc…

But writer David O. reminded me of one almost universal trait amongst rich people: 

They don’t economise. 

Scrimping and penny-pinching won’t lead you towards a successful, abundant life. After all, you can’t spend nothing and still survive, right!?

Rich people are rich because they learned how to make money, not save money on expenses.

“Cutting back” is a negative-energy behaviour, and it entrenches a belief that what you have is all you ever will have. Nothing stifles progress more than the fear of going broke.

Conversely, there is a positive energy around making more money, and it’s truly the smart way to play. Way smarter and more positive than trying to economise and cut back.

Sure, don’t waste money on unnecessary junk, but rejoice in the investments you’re making towards your glorious future.

Now, here’s a question to ask yourself this morning, and every morning:

What can I do to get me paid today?


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