Show me your worth

As my pal Mark Kaye says, it’s all about the show.

People love shows.

They love watching, listening, experiencing somebody showing them something.

You know who else loves shows?

Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, YouTube, Google…all love the rich, highly engaging content that’s captivating audio and, preferably, video.

That means those global platforms give your show their best shot at getting seen by your ideal clients.

So, now we’re all agreed that you NEED a show for your coaching, therapy or training business, here’s your next move:

16.00 UK today – Tuesday the 15th May

Mark Kaye from is LIVE in the Jonny Hates Marketing Group!!!

I’ll be asking him exactly HOW to get your own show started, watched, and producing business.

Don’t miss it!


PS – Don’t forget to join the Group so you can watch, share and keep THIS show! 


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