Some mistakes I’ve made

In my imperfect life and career so far, here are some of the lowlights:

  • Sticking at being a broke musician for a few years too long
  • Believing my first wife when she said “for as long as we both shall live”
  • Turning away a business opportunity that made millions for someone else
  • Selling my own 8-figure business to a bunch of incompetent hucksters
  • Squandering my remaining wealth in pursuit of material pleasures
  • Going bankrupt after a decade-long taste of the international highlife
  • Succumbing to a campaign of parental alienation that almost finished me off
  • Mired in misery, questioning my self-worth for another 10 years

And then…

I discovered you, and your inspiring fellow-members in the JHM community, and realised I had to help you.

I started a new business, a new family and a new Jonny.

Useful lessons from my 67-year perspective:

1: Shit happens. All the time, and to everyone
2: How you react to it is entirely up to you
3: It ain’t over till it’s over. If you’re reading this you’re still alive, so get to it.

Love you lots


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