Some shortcuts that beat working hard

Being fundamentally lazy, impatient and easily bored, I’m always looking for shortcuts. 

It’s tripped me up once or twice, where a more reflective stance might have played out better.

When it comes to client engagement though, I’m living proof that understanding the shortest route to your next sale is not only sensible, but essential. 

Here are some of the shortcuts I take every day:

  • Talking to a former client about how I can support them further
  • Offering additional value to a current client
  • Starting a conversation with someone who looks like my next ideal client

Today, after taking one of each of those shortcuts, I’ve heard the bleep-of-abundance from my high-ticket payment platform three times.

And it’s still only 11am. 


PS – Do you want to get used to hearing your own payment notifications on a regular basis? There are two seats open for the November intake on the Client Attraction Blueprint. I’d love you to fill one.  

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