Some staggering numbers

My old mentor and recurring revenue legend Stu McLaren sent me the results of a survey he did of people who said they wanted to launch their business 18 months ago. 

That’s spring 2020, right?

He asked them where they’d got to now, and the results were staggering:

7% – I’ve moved on to other things
15% – Still interested, just not sure who I’d serve
40% – Still interested, just haven’t started
13% – Getting ready to launch
18% – Have launched and welcoming members
5% – Growing beyond 100+ members
1% – Growing beyond 1,000+ members
1% – Growing beyond 5,000+ members

A year-and-a-half later (that’s the same time it takes a woman to have TWO babies, one after the other) a mind-boggling 75% of all the people surveyed hadn’t even started their business.

Saying you want to do something is next to useless.

It’s no more than the step before the first step.

Launching a business, course or programme in our profession only takes three things:

1: A skill people will pay you for
2: A strategy to get it out there
3: The self-confidence to do it

Which are you missing? 

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