Stop it with the self-help!

The Self-Help Industry is overloaded with magic-bullets.

Do the inner work. Change your thoughts, change your life, they say. And it’s all designed to make you feel better and more confident in who you really are.

Well yeah, there is a level of personal awareness and emotional intelligence below which it’s hard to function in the real world. But if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you can hold a conversation and type a few words on a screen.

So here’s why you need to focus more on your craft than your psyche today:

1: You’re already enough. Everything you are or ever will be is right between your ears
2: People don’t want to know you’re perfect. They want to know what you can do for them
3: Being the best at what you do matters way more than being your “best self” [whatever that means anyway]

Keep practising, refining and working your glorious skills so you’re truly world-class at delivering results in your profession.

Then your perfect clients will be lining up round the block to work with you, and guess what?

You’ll automatically feel way better about yourself too.

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