Stop reading books

Reading business books is good, right?

The more you read, the more you learn, surely?

Well, yes and no.

YES – read more!

  • Most things that can be taught, can be learnt from a book
  • There are some GREAT books out there
  • Reading great books nourishes the soul

NO – read less!

  • Some things can’t be learnt from a book – like trying something to see if it works out
  • There are some TERRIBLE books out there [masquerading as must-have success bibles]
  • Reading is no substitute for DOING, if wealth, impact and influence are your goals

Here’s a sound 3-part reading plan:

  • Identify a problem or skills gap in yourself or your business
  • Find a highly-rated book that speaks to that issue
  • Read it, understand it and implement what you’ve learnt

Don’t waste time reading another business book ’till you’ve solved that problem, and found the next one.

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