Stop trying to be an expert

In the age of the internet the idea of an expert is pointless.

Anyone can be an expert.

We can learn a new skill for free on YouTube and reach mastery in 90 days if we want.

There’s no official accreditation for “expert.” It’s a made-up idea from the elites to talk people out of their dreams so they’ll build someone else’s.

You don’t need to be an expert. Sure, get qualified if it’s needed in your genre.

But here’s the rub. Non-experts get paid more. Why? They’re more like you and me.

They’re normal so they’re relatable. Their egos are smaller and they just get on with the job and quit banging on about their experience.

Just show us you’re an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, and we’ll gather round like disciples.

Love you lots

PS: Full disclosure – this is a rant inspired by Tim Denning, with whom I concur on most things.

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