Ten things that are killing your sales

😵 If you think there’s a client-shaped hole in your business only they can fill, they’ll feel your desperation and run away.
😵 If you’re scared of talking about money, they’ll be too scared to give you any of theirs
😵 If you think you’re getting more than they’re getting out of it, they’ll sense your greed and it’ll repel them
😵 If you solve their problems on the sales call, they won’t need to pay you for anything else
😵 If you don’t explain their future for after they’ve worked with you, they’ll imagine a future without you
😵 If you’re wrangling over the price before they’ve told you they want it at all, you’re no better than a used-car huckster
😵 If you don’t ask enough good questions, they’ll ask themselves if you really care about them at all
😵 If they’re listening more than you are, they’ll wonder why you couldn’t just send them a recording
😵 If they tell you they want to think about it, they’ve already thought about it and it’s not good news
😵 If you want to close a deal instead of opening a relationship, you’re barking in the wrong forest

BONUS #11…

😵 If you’re not thrilled and excited about working with them, don’t expect them to be excited about working with you.

Love you lots

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