That C-word you hate

I was on a mastermind call this week with a bunch of inspired entrepreneurs, and the topic turned to “Competition” 

“Pah!”, said one.

“In our business there is NO Competition, just opportunities for Collaboration.”

And that’s certainly true in my experience.

Here are some ways that my “competition” have helped me in my career:

  • Master-coaches in EXACTLY my space wrote the foreword to both my books, benefitting us all from kudos and exposure
  • A number of potential rivals are working with me on a retreats programme for next year, adding value to my and their clients
  • One prominent coach in our space has organised a major event for March, and asked me to speak at it
  • I’ve been invited on numerous podcasts belonging to coaches and trainers around the world
  • I’ve engaged a coach who’s further ahead in my niche than I am right now, to show me his exponential growth strategies

Granted, “Competitor” isn’t the only C-word* you could use to describe a rival, but “Collaborator” is by far the most useful.

Who could you reach out to TODAY for a potential collaboration next year?


*Others include Cad, Concern, Complication, Challenger, Curse, Calamity, Canker, and many more.

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