Who’s that guy?

I distinctly remember walking into a networking meeting about 20 years ago to see a huddle of people in one corner. 

As I drew closer, i saw their centre of attention.

Sitting casually on the corner of a table was a local businessman, who I later discovered to be a complete dick. 

But even then, I never stopped admiring his ability to command a room.

In fact, he taught me quite a few things about overcoming confidence issues:

  • Walk in the place with chest out, shoulders back
  • Look people in the eye whenever you speak to them
  • Have an arsenal of funny stories and jokes
  • Raise your chin when you speak
  • Listen intently. It makes them realise they’re important to you

All confidence is developed, as writer Anthony Moore says. Nobody is BORN confident.

If you can learn that stuff while retaining your ability NOT to become a dick, you’ve got it made. 


PS – Wanna know who won the laptop for inviting the most people to join the Group last week? Here’s who…

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