The #1 risk to your business

There’s one thing responsible for more business failure than anything else.

Can you guess?

⚠️ Not any virus or illness (specifically)
⚠️ Not lack of clients
⚠️ Not running out of money
⚠️ Not marketing
⚠️ Not even a lack of ideas

No, the #1 risk to your business, right now, is…

You not taking care of yourself and becoming exhausted.


💚 Breathe, consciously
💚 Hydrate like a rabid hippo
💚 Sleep long and well, every night
💚 Move, stretch and flex in between sitting
💚 Eat natural green stuff and shun processed junk
💚 Think clearly and calmly about what’s next for you

You’re the captain of your own ship, the president of your free world, your glorious leader.

Keep safe, smart and thrive.

Love you lots

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