The #1 thing you’re doing wrong

I see talented coaches and therapists in my community doing loads of stuff wrong. Then, I look in the mirror and see another guy who’s made lots of mistakes, and continues to make them.

Screwing up, errors of judgement and other faux pas are all part of the human condition. We’re imperfect creatures.


That’s not the same as continuing to display wilful ignorance, and never learning from your failures. And it’s definitely not an excuse for blundering along with your ineffective marketing, where valuable advice is all around you, in abundant supply.

  • Posting for months on end and getting zero engagement
  • Doing dozens of sale calls without making a dime
  • Spending weeks wasting money on ads without any return
  • Sticking to your guns on a brand nobody else resonates with
  • Chasing an imaginary ideal client when they clearly don’t exist
  • Refusing to write off sunk costs and keeping on flogging a dead horse

The harder the correction, the more important it is to make it, and fast.

It’s ok to be wrong. Just don’t stay wrong.


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