The 3 things you control

The way some people are ranting and raving on social media, it’s like they expect to change other people’s minds with their ideas.

I guess that happened once, somewhere. Maybe.

And the way some people are waiting around for something good to occur, it’s like they know what’s around the corner.

Then there’s those living in fear, expecting something awful to happen so they can say they were right all along.

Look, some predictions are accurate.

Maybe a meteor will hit the earth anytime soon, and maybe you’ll win the lottery just the day before.

But humans are terrible at imagining the future with any degree of accuracy.

Heck, even the weatherman gets it 180 degrees wrong half the time.

There are only ever 3 things you can say with certainty are within your control:

1: Your Thoughts
2: Your Feelings
3: Your Actions

So take a breath, have an idea, check how it makes you feel, then decide whether to do it or not.

Detach from the outcome – it’ll be alright whatever happens.  

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