The Art Of Measuring

In an age when pretty much any strategy, tactic or action is possible, you need to be measuring everything to see what actually works, and what doesn’t.

Here’s some rules to master the art of measuring:

  1. Understand WHY you’re measuring, as a guide to WHAT to measure.
  2. Do enough of a thing for the measurements to be valid. Dropping a great idea because it didn’t work once, screws with your brain and your business.
  3. Change no more than one variable at a time before re-measuring, or you won’t know what caused the changed result.
  4. When something measures up well, do more of it till it measures up not-so-well.
  5. Don’t get emotionally attached to an idea or action. Only do what the measurements tell you is working.

More empirical. Less conjectural. Please.

Author: Jonny | @jonnycooper

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