The cost of going small

One of my clients is an inspirational mind coach who has a six-figure business from her £3,000 programme.

She helps people to see the world more clearly using NLP and other impactful techniques.

Deciding to broaden her product offering and reach more people, she’s now launched a £47 digital course that people can download, and is running Facebook ads to promote it.

Guess what?

  • Nobody’s buying
  • She’s spending loads of time trying
  • It’s costing money, all the time, on advertising
  • She’s also paying for someone to run the ad campaigns
  • Even when someone buys it, it’s a one-off purchase which yields next-to-no cash
  • She needs 100s of sales to match selling one of her high-ticket programmes

So, if you’re looking to create low-ticket sales, here’s a simple two-step plan

  • First and foremost, don’t lose grip on your high-ticket success – the Bill Payer. It’s always the easiest way to generate revenue
  • Launch a subscription club – your Inner Circle – where you give people a taster of your signature programme with a weekly members-only live session

That way, you’ll attract clients into your world at a lower cost, but the revenue is recurring, not one-time.

If you want to go small, at least think big. 


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