The dirty way

There are two ways to run things here on planet earth. The clean way, and the dirty way.

I used to play it dirty:

  • Taking on clients I didn’t enjoy, just for the money
  • Spending time working when I should have been with my family
  • Lusting after material possessions
  • Having scant regard for rules and regulations
  • Eating crap, and drinking (crap)
  • Accepting that being unhappy and angry went with the territory
  • Surrounding myself with the “wrong” people – you probably know some of those too
  • Filling my day with busyness and distractions

Now, I’ve realised none of that works, so I’ve cleaned them all out.

I am making more money than ever, working less and I’ve never been happier.

How you do one thing is how you do everything, right?

Clean. Or Dirty.

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