The easy way to sales

Art of Selling

The sale begins when the customer says “Oh”!

That’s the reaction you want to get when they find you for the very first time.

“Oh”, followed by:

  • This looks interesting
  • This feels useful
  • It’s something I need to learn
  • I need help from this person
  • It sounds like they’re talking straight to me
  • They’re funny
  • How quirky!
  • This is something different
  • It could solve my biggest problem
  • I like the way they write

All this stuff – call it the “Oh” factor – is a necessary precursor to anyone taking a step closer to working with you.

And right there, the sale has begun. 


PS: It’s Facebook February exclusively in the JHM FB Group, and each day there’s a new Pro-Tip to improve your Facebook game. Here’s yesterday’s. 

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