The final hurdle!

In most aspects of your business, there’s a process to follow.

There’s a start, middle and an end, with maybe even more stages in between.

It’s really easy to bail out of a process right before the end, and then blame the process for failure.

Here are some examples I’ve seen from coaches and therapists around JHM recently:

  • Leaving a sales call with a “yes” commitment but no payment taken
  • Not talking about “next steps” after a client has finished one programme with you
  • Not offering a low-price alternative to a client who’s said no to your high-ticket programme
  • Not offering a call with someone who’s liked or commented positively on your work
  • Not following up when you’ve offered a call with someone and they didn’t book yet

In all those cases, you’ve worked really hard to get in that position.

You’ve run most of the race already.

May as well jump the last hurdle too, eh?

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